Interactive Workshops

These workshops are designed to give you some initial insight and practical diagnostic tools to take away in order to address leadership and organisational challenges.

These are interactive workshops, therefore they are much more effective in person to generate discussion and debate, however they can be run virtually if necessary.


Leadership: Analysing needs and assessing capabilities
3 hrs (for groups of up to 8 people)


To understand effective ways of identifying the leadership skills and behaviours that are most relevant to your business and evaluating options for assessing your collective capabilities.  


  • Explore the sources and nature of leadership as it relates to your business 
  • Learn about (or reflect on) the various perspectives on leadership  
  • Demonstration and use of a Leadership Needs Analysis framework 
  • Evaluate relevant ways of assessing leadership capability in your business 
  • Develop an action plan to identify leadership development priorities


Organisation Design: More than just lines and labels
2 hrs (for groups of up to 8 people)


To identify relevant ‘success criteria’ for how your people are organised and learn relevant techniques for assessing the effectiveness of your organisation structure.  


  • Explore the nature of organisation design principles 
  • Learn about (or reflect on) different organisation strategies 
  • Evaluate relevant ways of assessing organisation structure in your business 
  • Identify critical outputs or outcomes that should be enabled by an effective organisation of people


Effective Change Management: A practical workshop
2 hrs (for groups of up to 8 people)


To explore change management techniques that are relevant for your business and develop an action plan specific to your organisational change challenge. 


  • Explore the nature of change management as it relates to your business 
  • Learn about (or reflect on) change management skills and strategies 
  • Evaluate applicability of change management models/frameworks 
  • Develop an action plan to address business needs


Organisation Behaviour: Collective norms and culture
2 hrs (for groups of up to 8 people)


To put definition to your own organisation behaviour/culture and learn about ways of measuring and assessing this for yourself.


  • Explore the nature of organisational behaviour 
  • Learn about (or reflect on) the key dimensions of organisational culture 
  • Conduct an initial culture assessment for your business 
  • Evaluate the need for commitment and compliance to establish collective norms 
  • Identify relevant action required to conduct a behavioural needs analysis and audit