Blackmore Four have been instrumental in the design and delivery of a strategy and programme of work that ensures the teams across our rapidly growing portfolio of international schools can be effective in adapting to the changes involved in implementing our core systems.

The expertise Blackmore Four provide in planning for and executing change in a variety of circumstances, coupled with their ability to understand our somewhat unique organisational culture and successfully manage a range of stakeholder needs has vastly improved our approach to systems implementation.

 In addition, the independence and objectivity that Matthew brings to our Finance and Technology teams is highly valued, adding a perspective and dimension to our decision making that we wouldn’t otherwise have and ensuring we bring decisions to action.

Darren Mee

Chief Financial Officer, International Schools Partnership

International Schools Partnership are the leading international schools group of quality and scale, with schools of choice recognised across local communities and the global education sector for amazing learning, ambition and growth.

NextUp Comedy are an early stage start-up, founded by a team of four entrepreneurs with the vision of providing a digital home for stand-up comedy.

As a brand-new team who haven’t worked together before, Blackmore Four worked with us to develop a set of clear, strategic goals and improve our approach for planning, running and reporting of effective management meetings.

Matthew helped us gain clarity and focus, enabling us to make well thought out decisions based on collaboratively agreed criteria in a timely manner. He makes sure that everyone has a voice in the room and caters to our different personalities and requirements extremely respectfully.

We now have sufficient structure and clear outcomes in our collective decision making and everyone in the management team looks forward, knowing that our team approach is exceptionally useful.

Sarah Henley

Founder and COO, NextUp Comedy Limited

NextUp Comedy are an early stage start-up, founded by a team of four entrepreneurs with the vision of providing a digital home for stand-up comedy.

Matthew worked with us to develop a clear and consistently understood purpose and ambition for the company at a time when the team had worked through prolonged uncertainty and didn’t have an agreed basis for moving forward.  We were a very small organisation and used Matthew’s commercial outlook and business expertise to guide this process and get us to a clear position.

 Matthew took time to understand the different perspectives held by each of the Director’s and facilitated our review to define our shared purpose and agree how we would take things forward.

Natalie Tennant

Director, NaturallyFit4Life [Formerly: Director, Heathy Living Solutions]

Healthy Living Solutions were a ‘social enterprise’ that existed to transform the lives of individuals and strengthen local communities, helping people develop the skills they need to see and realise their full potential.