Psychometric assessments

Blackmore Four offer a range of psychometric tests, including personality, ability and situational judgement tests (SJTs).  These are designed to provide insight into an individual’s style, preferences or capabilities in pursuit of personal development and performance improvement.

Psychometric tests can also be valuable in recruitment and selection, providing additional insight for selection decisions as well as improving the assimilation and early contribution of new hires.


    Emotional Intelligence

    Why would you use a psychometric assessment?

    Psychometric assessment is an objective way of assessing individual ability and behavioural preferences in a work context.  This typically compliments structured interviews or other forms of assessment, providing a rich source of data to guide your decision making in a hiring context or to ensure you are developing talent in an effective way.

    What do psychometric assessments do?

    The psychometric assessment tools that we use are selected to meet your specific needs, providing valid and reliable insight for a specific purpose.  They provide an objective set of data that both the participant and others can use to determine working styles, behavioural preferences or specific cognitive capabilities.

    How will I know if it works?

    The tools we use are registered with the British Psychological Society, so you can check how reliable they are, but we also make sure all of our practitioners are trained, qualified and registered in the same way.  When psychometric data is contextualised and qualified between an expert and the participant, the resulting insight is highly useful and practical.

    Recognise any of these?

    “Is there a tool that would help identify cognitive ability and potential in our candidates?”

    “We need to understand the capability and potential of our talent using objective assessments”

    “We need help in understanding capability when we are restructuring the business”

    “How can we identify high-potential talent in our organisation possibly being overlooked?”

    You want to achieve outstanding levels of business performance with your organisation working at its most effective. However, you may be encountering issues similar to above. We develop solutions that are right for your business, based on robust, objective analysis of your leadership needs and assessment of your current business state.




    We have worked with our Blackmore Four Consultant for many years because the assessment data makes a real difference in the selection process

    Gill Pennington

    HR Business Partner, Compass Minerals

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