Organisational Structure

Tangible and identifiable relationships between different parts of the organisation and people within it


We conduct internal and external research specific to your business to ascertain which principles best apply in designing and developing your organisational structure.

The extent of the span of management responsibilities, the number of ‘levels’ involved in decision making and whether people are managed geographically, functionally or in competency based teams are all important to understand when putting structure to your organisation.

We use reliable and valid methods to make an objective assessment of how effective your current organisational structure/s are against intended business outcomes to determine where opportunity exists for improvement.

We design and implement structural change based on clearly defined needs, principles and assessment of current state.  We are committed to evaluating the impact of change with you.


Here are a few examples of how this could apply to you and your business:

“To reflect unpredictable demand for our products/services, we’re making changes across the company and we need to organise our people differently”

“We’ve recently increased our workforce from 40 to 100 employees, does our existing structure suit our new size and can we sustain our performance?

“We’ve restructured our company to reflect the economic outlook, but I’m not sure if our teams are now organised to operate effectively”

“My company doesn’t seem to function correctly with the existing structure, there are too many people involved in every decision”

Business growth or change usually bring about a need to review the way in which your organisation is structured. Whether through strategic restructuring, organic growth, merger or acquisition, there’s value in taking an objective look at what the right organisational structure is to achieve your business plans and how that compares with the structures you have in place currently.



As a brand-new team who haven’t worked together before, Blackmore Four worked with us to develop a set of clear, strategic goals and improve our approach for planning, running and reporting of effective management meetings.

Matthew helped us gain clarity and focus, enabling us to make well thought out decisions based on collaboratively agreed criteria in a timely manner. He makes sure that everyone has a voice in the room and caters to our different personalities and requirements extremely respectfully.

We now have sufficient structure and clear outcomes in our collective decision making and everyone in the management team looks forward, knowing that our team approach is exceptionally useful.

Sarah Henley

Founder and COO, NextUp Comedy Limited