The collective and individual cognitive, personality and social intelligences that determine behaviour


We conduct research specific to your business to define the capabilities and behaviours that are going to be effective in driving your overall business performance.

We use reliable and valid methods to make an objective assessment of current capabilities and behaviours and the underlying drivers behind them.  We measure the impact of those attributes against intended business outcomes to determine where opportunity exists for improvement.

We design and implement change related to your organisations capabilities or culture based on clearly defined needs analysis and current state assessment.

We evaluate our solutions to provide the maximum transparency and encourage clients to measure return on investment.


Here are a few examples of how this could apply to you and your business:

“We’re making changes to reduce costs; we want to focus on retaining top talent and critical skills”

“Our employees need to be able to adapt to the demands of the future, quickly

“We need to focus on having the right people behaving in the right way to drive our business forward through a difficult period”

“We’re looking to restructure, reorganise and maintain our business, we need to ensure we have the right people at the company in the right roles”

Understanding the psychology of your organisation, ‘how things really get done’ and the reasons why provides the basis for organising talent and developing collective behaviour in a way that will work best for your business under any circumstances. The better you understand the reasons why people think, feel and act the way they do at work, the more likely it is that you can find ways to allow your team to be at their best.



Matthew worked with us to develop a clear and consistently understood purpose and ambition for the company at a time when the team had worked through prolonged uncertainty and didn’t have an agreed basis for moving forward.  We were a very small organisation and used Matthew’s commercial outlook and business expertise to guide this process and get us to a clear position.

 Matthew took time to understand the different perspectives held by each of the Director’s and facilitated our review to define our shared purpose and agree how we would take things forward.

Natalie Tennant

Director, NaturallyFit4Life