Developing organisational effectiveness

We provide actionable insight through a range of organisational diagnostic tools and methods to help you understand the key areas of improvement in aligning and executing your organisational efforts.

We establish a set of design principles that are relevant for your business and use these as the basis for implementing organisational change, with a focus on measurable impact and sustainable business performance.

Creating an objective basis for organisational change

Our process:

  • Analysing your business needs and defining principles as the premise for organisation design 
  • Independent, objective and structured assessment of your 
    organisation’s current capability
  • Identifying specific areas of strength and opportunities for improvement


Recognise any of these?

“We’re looking to grow but need to maintain our performance throughout”

“We want to get the very best from our employees”

“I don’t know if everyone understands what we’re trying to achieve"”

“We have very clear values but I’m still not sure if everyone understands them"

You want to achieve outstanding levels of business performance with your organisation working at its most effective. However, you may be encountering issues similar to above. We develop solutions that are right for your business, based on robust, objective analysis of your leadership needs and assessment of your current business state.

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Blackmore Four have been instrumental in the design and delivery of a strategy and programme of work that ensures the teams across our rapidly growing portfolio of international schools can be effective in adapting to the changes involved in implementing our core systems.

The expertise Blackmore Four provide in planning for and executing change in a variety of circumstances, coupled with their ability to understand our somewhat unique organisational culture and successfully manage a range of stakeholder needs, has vastly improved our approach to systems implementation.

In addition, the independence and objectivity that Matthew brings to our Finance and Technology teams is highly valued, adding a perspective and dimension to our decision making that we wouldn’t otherwise have and ensuring we bring decisions to action.

Darren Mee

Chief Financial Officer, International Schools Partnership

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