Developing change-ready organisations

Our aims are to ensure organisational change has strong foundations, fits with your business requirements and can deliver desired, measurable performance improvements.  We make sure your change requirements are clearly defined and initiated with appropriate clarity and commitment to the intended outcome.

We deliver organisational change with rigorous discipline in our business analysis and project management capabilities, carefully balanced with developing an understanding of the people involved and what change really means to them.

Plan, implement and evaluate change 

We are hands-on consultants who deliver real, practical and sustainable organisational change. 

We measure and evaluate change against intended outcomes as an essential component of effective change management.   

    Recognise any of these?

    “We need to be able to react quickly to changes in client expectations”

    “We want our people to feel part of our business success”

    “We need to implement change more effectively. Maybe we need to help employees to adapt to change better”

    “We need more buy-in from our people where change is concerned"

    You want to achieve outstanding levels of business performance with your organisation working at its most effective. However, you may be encountering issues similar to above. We develop solutions that are right for your business, based on robust, objective analysis of your leadership needs and assessment of your current business state

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    Matthew worked with us to develop a clear and consistently understood purpose and ambition for the company at a time when the team had worked through prolonged uncertainty and didn’t have an agreed basis for moving forward.  We were a very small organisation and used Matthew’s commercial outlook and business expertise to guide this process and get us to a clear position.

    Matthew took time to understand the different perspectives held by each of the Directors and facilitated our review to define our shared purpose and agree how we would take things forward.

    Natalie Tennant

    Director, NaturallyFit4Life

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