Leadership Needs Analysis

Start with outcomes and future-focus

We work with you to define ‘what effective leadership looks like’ for your organisation.

We identify and define the specific leadership skills and behaviours that are most relevant and critical to effectiveness of delivering your successful business strategy.

Our analytical approach takes input from a range of internal and external sources and we use our own global experience and expertise to provide you with a clear outcome.

This can be used as the basis for recruiting new talent into leadership roles, assessing your current capability or as the backbone for future leadership development activity.

Recognise any of these?

“We need the right leadership and management capabilities to deliver our growth plans”

“I don’t know if the skills we have as a team are sufficient to deliver our strategy"

“Our Board/Senior Leadership Team can’t agree the best way forward”

“We’re ambitious about the future but need to improve our capabilities as a team"

You want to achieve outstanding levels of business performance with your organisation working at its most effective. However, you may be encountering issues similar to above. We develop solutions that are right for your business, based on robust, objective analysis of your leadership needs and assessment of your current business state.

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Blackmore Four worked with us to clearly define the leadership behaviours and skills that are critical for us in sustaining our business performance. Leadership is an important topic at The Finishing Line, not just for our leadership team but for all colleagues who lead and aspire to lead.

Matthew (Managing Director, Blackmore Four) was able to engage a wide range of colleagues from across the business to analyse our leadership needs and develop a Leadership Framework that we will use to reflect on our abilities and behaviours, further develop skills that are important to our business and identify others who demonstrate relevant leadership potential.

Blackmore Four’s expertise in this area coupled with their ability to offer us a fresh, objective and independent perspective in a manner that worked for all concerned was of real value.

Andy Mead

Managing Director, The Finishing Line Limited

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