Identify capability and performance gaps

Blackmore Four provide best-in-class, bespoke leadership assessments using a combination of benchmarked psychometric assessment and/or 360 surveys with in-depth feedback interviews.  Our approach incorporates a range of carefully selected diagnostic tools and methodologies, enabling us to develop a solid understanding of an individual’s or team’s capabilities and potential in the context of your business environment.

Our leadership assessment solutions are primarily geared towards CEO/CXO or Managing Director/senior management team members but can also include high-potential candidates and emerging leaders.

We provide a quantifiable benchmark to diagnose key issues enabling you to use the results to form the foundations of leadership development.


Each leadership assessment is contextualised around the role, team and/or organisation they are being assessed for to provide a comprehensive assessment of leadership capability and potential.

Succession planning and talent development
Leadership assessment is an essential element of effective succession planning. It helps identify where an individual’s leadership strengths and development needs are and their potential, whether for succession planning or overall talent development.  

Recruitment and selection 

We assess candidates for key appointments or as part of high-stakes assessment.  The data gathered helps to underline a candidate’s strengths, development needs and organisational fit for the role; data which helps managers make the right decision when hiring talent to gain a competitive advantage. 

Recognise any of these?

“We want to reduce the risks of a failed leadership hire”

“We need to recruit and select the best leadership talent for our business”

“We need objective data to help with identifying high-potential leadership talent”

“Leadership capability and potential in our organisation need to be better understood”

You want to achieve outstanding levels of business performance with your organisation working at its most effective. However, you may be encountering issues similar to above. We develop solutions that are right for your business, based on robust, objective analysis of your leadership needs and assessment of your current business state.

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Before we appointed Blackmore Four, we already had a strong leadership team, but we wanted to make sure that there was sufficient leadership capability in place to fuel the firm’s future development and growth.

Blackmore Four invested time and effort to truly understand our business right from the start. They realised we had a great framework in place, but also saw that bringing out the best in our leaders was a business imperative.

They delivered a comprehensive and highly effective leadership diagnostics programme to help us ensure our leadership team is ready to power the organisation forward. 

Steve Revill

Managing Director, Rickard Luckin

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