A distinct set of capabilities and behaviours that determine and drive the purpose, values and direction of the organisation.


We conduct internal and external research specific to your business to ascertain what specific leadership skills and behaviours are going to be effective for your organisation. Different leadership styles work more, or less effectively depending on business context, your goals and the people involved in the leadership relationship (leaders and followers).

We use reliable and valid methods to make an objective assessment of your current leadership capabilities.  We measure the effectiveness of current skills and behaviours against intended business outcomes to identify opportunity for improvement.

We design and implement leadership development programmes, incorporating a wide range of approaches, that help your team develop the skills and behaviours that are critical for success.

We are committed to evaluating our solutions to provide the maximum transparency and encourage clients to measure return on investment.


Here are a few examples of how this could apply to you and your business:

“We’re going through significant change and I don’t know if we have the right mix of leadership capabilities for what we are trying to achieve”

“With the current climate impacting my business, it’s essential I have the right leadership approach to take us forward”

“How well do my current leadership team work together and do I have other leadership talent in my organisation?”

“We’re expecting real change in the near future, ensuring we have the right leadership capabilities is essential to maintaining our business”

Defining the right leadership skills and behaviours that drive the purpose, values and direction of your business is essential to running an effective organisation. Getting this right provides the basis for being able to accurately assess current and future leadership capability and focus leadership development in areas that will have a direct impact on your business performance, in all situations.



Blackmore Four worked with us to clearly define the leadership behaviours and skills that are critical for us in sustaining our business performance. Leadership is an important topic at The Finishing Line, not just for our leadership team but for all colleagues who lead and aspire to lead.

Matthew (Director, Blackmore Four) was able to engage a wide range of colleagues from across the business to analyse our leadership needs and develop a Leadership Framework that we will use to reflect on our abilities and behaviours, further develop skills that are important to our business and identify others who demonstrate relevant leadership potential.

Blackmore Four’s expertise in this area coupled with their ability to offer us a fresh, objective and independent perspective in a manner that worked for all concerned was of real value.

Andy Mead

Chairman, The Finishing Line Limited