Leadership & Management Development

Programme design

Performance vs knowledge 

Our aim is to transform development into rich journeys that deliver performance, tangible results and measurable business impact. 

Focused on defined business outcomes, we design programmes that develop the skills and behaviours that make a difference to your business performance.

We measure and evaluate progress so we can make continuous improvements.

Programme implementation

We specialise in the development of skills and behaviours relating to:

  • Strategic narrative
  • Problem solving, innovation and change management
  • Emotional intelligence and resilience


We develop solutions that are right for your business based on robust, objective analysis of your needs and assessment of your current state.

“I need to find a way of accelerating improvements in our performance”

“Making a decision about anything seems to take forever”

“There’s so much uncertainty, we’re not in control of all the change coming our way”

“Aligning our people to our purpose isn’t easy”

You want to achieve outstanding levels of business performance and your organisation working at its most effective.



As a brand-new team who haven’t worked together before, Blackmore Four worked with us to develop a set of clear, strategic goals and improve our approach for planning, running and reporting of effective management meetings.

Matthew helped us gain clarity and focus, enabling us to make well thought out decisions based on collaboratively agreed criteria in a timely manner. He makes sure that everyone has a voice in the room and caters to our different personalities and requirements extremely respectfully.

We now have sufficient structure and clear outcomes in our collective decision making and everyone in the management team looks forward, knowing that our team approach is exceptionally useful.

Sarah Henley

Founder and COO, NextUp Comedy Limited

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