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We ask business leaders and experts Four Questions on a range of themes and areas around effective leadership, performance and organisations.

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Four Questions … with Barry Anns

Is there a standard, aspirational leadership ‘type’?

Today we are speaking to Barry Anns, CEO of Engage MIS and CIO of Education Horizons Group, about the most important skills that leaders need to be effective.

organisation design

Four Questions … with Ian Banks

Recruiting Effective Leaders and Managers

Today we are speaking to Ian Banks, Managing Director of One to One Personnel, and recruiting extraordinaire about how to source and hire effective leaders and managers.

organisation design

Four Questions … with Dr Hilton Rudnick

The Agile Organisation

We talk with Hilton Rudnick and ask him Four Questions around fostering and nurturing agile skills in your organisation.

organisation design

Four Questions … with Sylvain Bosc 

Integrity in Business

From fall guy to national hero, we ask Sylvain Bosc Four Questions on the importance of integrity in business.

organisation design

Four Questions… 

With Marzenna Almendro

In our first ever Four Questions, Matthew Emerson talks to Client Solutions Manager, Marzenna Almendro, about effective leadership and resilience.

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Being an effective change leader is as important as ever, but for many businesses it’s hard to identify where, when and how to get change started. Understand some common obstacles to change and the key ingredients that make change effective.  

Understand key considerations when embarking on organisation design or redesign.  Whilst your approach and intended outcomes should be bespoke to your own business context, we have identified four clear priorities that have emerged that need to be tackled head on. 

Understand how organisation design and team structures have evolved in our recent experience of virtual work and discuss our approaches for developing clear and identifiable structures that enable businesses to adapt to changing priorities.

Understand our past experiences of leadership development, examine what has changed and how our approaches to leadership development needs to evolve to match the needs of your business.

Understand why leadership assessment might be relevant, what ‘assessment’ actually entails and the different ways in which you can make assessment effective for today’s leaders and your leaders of tomorrow.

Understand the differences between leadership and management and why investing into leadership improves the effectiveness of the business.

Understand what human due diligence looks like, how to make best use of it and why organisational effectiveness is important in making M&A successful for your business

Understand what is needed to meet your intended business outcomes in a deliberate way

Understand what effective leadership looks like and the leadership needs for your business

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