What is organisational effectiveness and how can it help your business?

Outstanding business performance is dependant on 4 core aspects: market, product and services, finance and people. Most businesses start by addressing the eternally focussed elements of market and product but growth and sustained performance is reliant on attention to the internally focussed elements of finance and people.

The leadership and organisation of people are a significant part of what differentiates you from your competition and that is where we can help you as experts specialising in Organisational Effectiveness.

We develop solutions that are right for your business based on robust, objective analysis of your needs and assessment of your current state.  We are also keen to evaluate the impact of changes that we introduce to generate maximum transparency in the impact, where possible.

Meet the team

The Blackmore Four team is lead by founder and director Matthew – formally trained in business and HR management and business psychology he is an expert in organisational strategy and leadership development. Matthew draws on his experience to provide insight and pragmatic solutions based on research and the Blackmore Four tried and tested methodology.

Matthew is supported by marketing director Becky and business development manager Matt. Becky is responsible for creating and implementing the business marketing plan whilst Matt is responsible for developing partnerships, strategic relationships, and other professional contacts in our target markets.

The team are supported by an extensive network of specialist consultants, across a number of different fields, to help us deliver projects on an ad-hoc basis.