About Us

Outstanding business performance is dependant on four core aspects: market, product and services, finance and people. Most businesses start by addressing the externally focussed elements of market and product but growth and sustained performance is reliant on attention to the internally focussed elements of finance and people.

The leadership and organisation of people are a significant part of what differentiates you from your competition and that is where we can help you as management consultants specialising in Organisational Effectiveness.


What makes us different?

Client Rapport: we thrive on being able to spend time getting to know you, your business and your organisation.  Our fee structure is mapped to delivering our expertise, not how long it takes to have a conversation.  We are pragmatic at heart.

Context is Critical:  we believe that every organisation is as unique as the people within it and our solutions are designed based on your needs, being fit for purpose rather than selling a notion of best practice.

Scientific Rigour: we apply structured methodology to our work and leverage academic study and research that helps us improve our understanding of human behaviour at work (business psychology)

Evaluate: we evaluate the impact of our work in all circumstances where we have been engaged to implement change.  This isn’t always easy to do but we are prepared to invest our time and expertise to demonstrate our value.

Problems we can help you solve

We develop solutions that are right for your business based on robust, objective analysis of your needs and assessment of your current state.  We also evaluate the impact of changes that we introduce to generate maximum transparency in the impact, where possible.


“We’re going through significant change and I don’t know if we have the right mix of leadership capabilities for what we are trying to achieve”


“To reflect unpredictable demand for our products/services, we’re making changes across the company and we need to organise our people differently”


“My company is considering a number of changes, our processes and systems might need to change too, what’s the best way to do this?”


“We’re making changes to reduce costs; we want to focus on retaining top talent and critical skills”



As a brand-new team who haven’t worked together before, Blackmore Four worked with us to develop a set of clear, strategic goals and improve our approach for planning, running and reporting of effective management meetings.

Sarah Henley

Founder and COO, NextUp Comedy Limited