Outstanding Business Performance. Powered by People.


Are you looking to sustain or improve the effectiveness of your organisation? Talk to us at Blackmore Four about how we can help you! We are an independent consulting company offering specialist advice and tailored solutions to businesses looking to perform more effectively. Our tried and tested approach is based on:

• a deep understanding of human behaviour at work
• the ability to identify and address the specific leadership and organisational development needs of your business

Organisational Effectiveness

How effective is your organisation? We can help you analyse your current business and help guide you to perform more effectively.



What leadership does your business need? We can help you analyse your leadership needs and assess your current capabilities and help you develop plans to ensure your organisation achieves outstanding performance.

Organisational Development

Is your organisation developing in a way that meets the future needs of your business? We can help ensure your structure, systems processes, people skills and behaviours are designed to meet your business needs.