Outstanding Business Performance.


At Blackmore Four, we work with ambitious businesses to achieve outstanding levels of performance through periods of growth or significant change.

Outstanding business performance is dependant on four core aspects: market, product and services, finance and people.  Most businesses start by addressing the externally focussed elements of market and product / services but growth and sustained performance is reliant on attention to the internally focussed elements of finance and people.

The leadership and organisation of people are a significant part of what differentiates you from your competition and that is where we can help you as experts specialising in Organisational Effectiveness.



ORGANISATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS encompasses the ability to intentionally meet and exceed your stated goals (ORGANISATIONAL FITNESS) and the ability to align, execute and renew your organisation to sustain outstanding performance over time (ORGANISATIONAL HEALTH).  At Blackmore Four, we specialise in the following core components of ORGANISATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS.



A distinct set of capabilities and behaviours that determine and drive the purpose, values and direction of the organisation...


Tangible and identifiable relationships between different parts of the organisation...



Blackmore Four have been instrumental in the design and delivery of a strategy and programme of work that ensures the teams across our rapidly growing portfolio of international schools can be effective in adapting to the changes involved in implementing our core systems.

Darren Mee

Chief Financial Officer, ISP

Blackmore Four worked with us to clearly define the leadership behaviours and skills that are critical for us in sustaining our business performance.  Leadership is an important topic at The Finishing Line, not just for our leadership team but for all colleagues who lead and aspire to lead.

Andy Mead

MD, The Finishing Line

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